Why Won't God Heal Amputees? and God is Imaginary are two websites that have sparked considerable interest in the atheist and theist communities. Believers are pointed toward those sites in real life and on web forums. They are considered, at least by atheists, to be bulletproof refutations of the Christian faith.

But are they?

Those two sites, allegedly authored by Marshall Brain of How Stuff Works fame, are riddled with basic errors of theology. This website attempts to demonstrate the errors prevalent in each of the so-called "proofs" of the non-existence of God.

This site is not attempting to prove that God exists. Rather, it is exposing the errors and bad argumentation of God is Imaginary. In this site's previous incarnation as a blog, many commenters made the error that I am attempting to positively affirm God's existence. I am not; I am merely trying to argue that God is Imaginary doesn't do a thing to disprove God.

Though Wikipedia and other sites are fairly confident that Marshall Brain authored WWGHA and GII, and Brain himself has never denied it, this site will not refer to him as author. Personal attempts by me to verify Brain as the author have gone unanswered. The real author of WWGHA and GII remains anonymous, so there is a chance that Marshall Brain is not that person.

Begin with proof #1 to find out how real God is. Or, check out the answers to the videos.