It Would Destroy our Free Will if Jesus Appeared

This is the worst defense ever. I hate the free will defense, in all of its forms. Anyone who uses it should be excommunicated from their church without the benefit of the two-warning system discussed in Matthew 18:15-20. Then, each member of the congregation should take turns slapping the offender during the final worship service that person will be allowed to attend.

Now that's out of my system. What does GII say about the free will defense as applied to this situation?

Of course, if this argument were true, then God could not incarnate himself on earth. Jesus is supposed to be God. He supposedly came to earth and millions of people saw him. . . . Clearly the issue of "free will" is irrelevant. It is purely a rationalization. Jesus could appear to all of us today just like he (supposedly) appeared to millions of people when he was on earth.

Agreed. Not much to say here. This is just a terrible defense. If you're an atheist/skeptic, yes, I did just agree with you. If you're a Christian, stop using the free will defense!