Jesus Speaks to Me and Guides Me

I believe that Jesus does guide me, as he guides many other Christians. GII retorts:

Since Jesus is an all-knowing being, if he were actually talking to you, he would be able to tell you things that no one else knows. You, as a person channeling Jesus, would be the smartest person on earth. You would ace every test you took. You would never make mistakes. You would know what the winning PowerBall numbers would be next week. You would be able to solve world hunger. Etc. The fact that none of these things are happening shows us that you are hallucinating.

There might be some credence to this way of thinking, if that is what was meant by "Jesus guides me." We've already discussed that God does everything to his own point and purpose. So, what purpose would the following serve:
  • Having each Christian ace every test using God's own knowledge instead of actually learning something?
  • Eliminating mistakes, and all of the life lessons that one learns in making them?
  • Granting someone their greedy, sinful desires by showing them the winning PowerBall numbers?
  • Solving a problem that is there for God's people to solve, on their own, by judicious allocation of resources, as commanded in Deuteronomy?
Looking at it that way, I wouldn't expect a person "channeling Jesus" to do any of those things. Those are human ways of thinking. Instead, the person that Jesus is guiding will become more attuned to God's will for his or her life, and thus will fill a unique niche and have a much more positive impact. Likely, this impact will come in subtle ways that no one can expect.