It's not Jesus' Will to Appear

Now this rationalization is probably on to something. I've already discussed possible reasons why Jesus wouldn't appear to people in the hypothetical section of the answer to Proof #50.

As we have seen here, there are contextual limits to any offered prayer. So, despite what GII claims, answering a prayer negatively does not contradict the Bible verses continually list in defense of their untenable position that all prayers must be answered affirmatively.

GII says that this is an unambiguous situation, and therefore coincidence cannot answer this prayer. In their discussion of ambiguity, GII said that all answers to prayer are merely coincidence. That is a very bold statement. Leaving aside the fact that this is a staggering number of coincidences worldwide--odds would be against that--they believe that this proves that Jesus is imaginary since he doesn't answer the prayer.

Why? "No" is a reasonable answer to a request. Intercessory prayers are merely that--requests. GII in particular, but atheists in general, are the only ones assuming all prayers must be answered affirmatively. No one else thinks that, and the Bible never promises that.