Why Answer at All?

My philosophy for doing apologetics ministry has always been to only answer the stuff that is worth a serious look. If I don't believe that a critic of Christianity is writing a serious critique of my faith, then I generally don't answer that critic. The Mr. Deity videos or the badly drawn cartoons produced by YouTuber "NonStampCollector" are not worth consideration for that reason.

Some people could easily argue that Why Won't God Heal Amputees and God is Imaginary fall into that same category. Their pompous, arrogant tone combined with amazing ignorance of the most basic Christian theology point to a critic who isn't taking his subject seriously. The anonymous author of these sits clearly hasn't taken the time to thoughtfully consider his critique, going after Christianity only at its most basic level.

There's even more reason to ignore WWGHA and GII. The tone and style of these sites almost suggest that they are a parody of fundamentalist atheism. As such, they would fit under Poe's Law: despite being satire, most atheists would see these sites as a boon to atheism. They would truly believe that the author is promoting their cause, even though he is in reality making fun of it.

However, I have decided to take these sites on mainly because of their popularity. GII has been mentioned in the New York Times. Richard Dawkins has referred to these sites. Searching the atheist blogosphere, one could find numerous references to both sites. Atheist readers are encouraged by both sites to link often to their contents to help answer Christian claims.

Christian answers, however, are disappointingly few. Mostly, Christians just say that the question itself is stupid to even ask, but never actually say why. I hope that this site changes all of that.